The 5th anniversary

We started The Geminiani Project in 2012, and in 5 years we created the Geminiani Youth Orchestra (GYO), the Hampton Chamber Orchestra (HCO), and the Camerata Geminiani; we played concerts in London, and we have been invited by the Schiller Institute to Berlin, where we played for the "World Meeting about the 432hz".

We played for hospices and we are about to start playing at hospitals; we made concerts/lectures about the so-called "verdian pitch" in Italy, and now we will in Barcelona and in the south of France. 

All this without any funding. 

Now that the choir "Eleonora d'Arborea" comes, with Maestro Antonello Manca and few other musicians,,from Italy (paying all the expenses) to be a part of this celebration, we understand that we ARE changing things. And we are proud of it! This is a two-days of music at the original frequency of 432hz, the frequency of the universe; you just don't want to miss this ! 


both concerts are going to be performed at the                                                                                                 

 Christian Community of London                                                                                                   

51, Queen Caroline Street, W6 9QL                                                                                                                    



(donations are welcome) 

November the 1st , 7:30pm - 8:45 (aprox.) ​ 

The choir "Eleonora d'Arborea", conducted by the Maestro Antonello Manca, will perform traditional music from different countries (Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Sardinia and more) 

November the 2nd, 7:30 - 9:30 (aprox.)  

After a brief presentation of The Geminiani Project,  

- the GYO (Geminiani Youth Orchestra) will perform the  

 Preludium from D.Shostakovich  

- the HCO (Hampton Chamber Orchestra) will perform music  

J.S.Bach, and W.A. Mozart  

 Interval (15 minutes aprox.)  

​- the Camerata Geminiani will perform music from Vivaldi,  Telemann, Mozart, Dvorak  

-the choir "Eleonora d 'Arborea" will perform with the Camerata  few pieces from Vivaldi, Mozart, and Arcadelt.