New Malden Youth Orchestra

We are selecting young musicians in South West London for the opening of the New Malden Youth Orchestra; the beginning of this musical journey will see the students participating in social services: in fact they will perform for hospices, centres for disabled people, or people in distress. Such an incredible experience will leave an important mark in their lives, and will help people in difficulty.

Rehearsals are going to be 90 minutes each, on Saturday, from 11:30 to 1pm twice per month, at the New Malden Methodist Church (more details coming shortly). 

 This is  the first example in the world of a Youth Orchestra playing at 432hz; the frequency of the universe, the same frequency Giuseppe Verdi defended so much . Each student will have the chance to perform as a Soloist, as a Leader, and as a " Tutti", in order to be prepared for any position.


The fee is £20 per month.

For more info just call 020 8251 5185, 0771 222 8552 or email with the subject "Audition - NMYO". 


*Grade 3+ or equivalent.

A short audition is required:  a scale and arpeggio, and a short piece without piano accompaniment.