Geminiani Academy 

The creation of the Geminiani  Academy is fundamental to the correct developing of the musical culture of the students, as well as to the spreading of the original frequency. 

Our education goes far from the “modern” musical teaching; what we do is teaching the basic from the fundamentals of the classical music,, in Latin, Italian, and eventually some French (Impressionism), and some German  (Lieder). 

We  follow the old classic Italian musical program; after all the Italians gave the names to the notes, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si, and  organised the Tempo in the Solfeggio practice, They organised the actual structure of a  musical piece, and it's not without a reason that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart studied 4 years  in Bologna-Italy.

We know what we are doing, and we want results; that's why our Academy is not going to be for everybody, but only for the really interested/talented young musicians.

There is obviously going to be an audition, in order to make a selection, and there is going to be a scholarship for the most talented.

Masters are going to participate in this and their voting is going to be final. 

The Academy, made only by high-level tutors familiar with the original frequency, will be the first one ( after the second world war ) to operate at 432 hz, and it will be accredited by the government, in order to be able to deliver internationally recognised Diplomas and Masters.

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J. Mazas - violin duo op. 38 # 1, Allegro Moderato, 

First violin, Piers Austin 

Second violin, Gian Marco Sanna

Violin lesson at 432hz with Gian Marco Sanna, and one of his students Piers Austin (10 years old, grade 1), about B flat major 2 octaves scale.

Second part of the previous video with Piers Austin practicing B flat major arpeggio and a chromatic scale.